Ages K-12 were invited to the Yates Community Center to learn about local wildlife by making paper animal sculptures.  The students were asked to reflect on the animals they see and enjoy around the Finger Lakes.  After choosing their favorite, they used scissors, markers, and paper to create creative replicas.  Materials were sourced from local businesses and included old cereal boxes, packaging materials, and recycled paper.  Students were open to craft in whichever way they wanted!

 Once settled on a design, the students began translating their 2D drawings into 3D models.  They were challenged to visualize their designs into 3D paper animals by using source images from the internet, projectors, glue, cardboard, and our guidance.  We then introduced paint and their animal models began to come alive!  Later, the Intro to Agriculture class at the Penn Yan Academy began translating similar designs into small metal sculptures, using the same process.

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