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Our mobile classroom has collaborated with educational centers and schools since 2017. Through our STEAM-based workshops, we connect kids with their local communities and natural environment through fun hands-on activities and craft projects.

Explore our workshops below


Learning About Biology with 3D Puzzles

Creating visual models through hands-on activities is an effective and efficient way for students to learn about organisms and their anatomies. Doing so helps children and their families protect local ecosystems by learning how to identify and protect certain species.


Sculpting Local Wildlife with Recyclables

Upcycling materials is a great artistic practice because it promotes a greener earth! During this STEAM-centered activity, students create 3D sculptures of animals using recycled paper, cardboard boxes, hot glue, paint, and simple kid-friendly cutting tools. Kiddos learn how to create art pieces they're proud of from idea, to sketch, and final product.

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Collaborative Cardboard Animals

Students team up to create large-scale sculptures out of recycled cardboard and found objects. Collaboration was key as they work together to design, sketch, and finish a larger than life animal sculpture.


Exploring Ecology through Metal

This class was offered by our sister company, Sam + Lin Designs, in collaboration with ELEVATE Youth and Penn Yan Academy. In this interdisciplinary STEAM-based metal fabrication workshop, students exercised beginner metal fabricating techniques,  learned about local ecology, and fabricated a milkweed plant and monarch butterfly sculpture out of steel.


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