A wonderful introduction to growing veggies and flowers at home with the kiddos! They'll get their hands dirty, experience first-hand how food grows, and get creative with their plants after harvest with DIY projects, kid-friendly recipes, and more!


No backyard? Aint no sweat!


These seeds are all direct sow, which means you can plant them directly in the ground, in a pot or garden bed. They are all container-friendly, so they'll grow to full size wherever you decide to plant them!



    What does the kit include?

    • Locally sourced, organic seeds supplied by our friends at Fruition Seeds! (Snap peas, green beans, beets, sunflowers, and cucumbers)

    • Simple instructions for planting, growing and harvesting each crop

    • Kid-friendly recipes and DIY projects that you can make with your harvest - all you need is common household supplies!

    • An intro to the magical science of seeds and benefits of growing food

    What will you learn about?

    Ages 5+

    Focus: Culinary Arts / Art / Biology

    Where do we get the materials?

    We support transparency in business.

    • hand-manufactured in the USA and locally sourced
    • organic, locally sourced seeds
    • packaging is recycled and recyclable
    • all materials are non-toxic, water-based, and heavy metal-free

    Our suppliers for this kit include: 

    • Fruition Seeds
    • Company Box
    • Mixam




    Ships USPS Priority.  Allow 3-5 business days.