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Taiko drums are a wide variety of Japanese percussion instruments that were invented as far back as 6th century CE. They're are also very easy for kids to make using only recyclables and household items!

While making their own DIY taiko drums, kids will practice engineering, hand-eye coordination, problem solving, and creativity - all while learning about the music of different cultures! Without further ado, here's how to build your own taiko instruments, and put on a show for you and your family!


  • An empty cylindrical container like a coffee or soup can.

  • A balloon large enough to fit over the top of your container (use an average-sized balloon for small containers like soup cans, or a larger balloons for containers like coffee cans

  • Rubber bands or tape

  • Any object to use as a mallet - pens, pencils, sticks and spoons all work great!


  1. First, make sure your container is empty and clean.

  2. Cut off an inch off the open stem of the balloon.

  3. Pull the balloon over the open end of your container until it stretches flat on top

  4. Fasten the balloon to the container with rubber bands or tape to prevent slipping

  5. Play to the beat of your own taiko drum!


  • Make a taiko drum band! Make 2 or more taiko drums out of different materials, and learn how their different sounds compliment each other. Then, put on a show for family and friends!

  • Find the perfect sound! Experiment with different kinds of mallets to see how the sound changes depending on the object used. Also, notice how different areas of the drum produce different sounds when hit.


Our blog is full of DIY, STEAM-based learning activities that kids can do at home! Every project is easy to make, and only require common household items and recyclables.

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