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At IDEA Collective, we believe that education is the key to unlocking one's full potential. As a woman-owned business, we get inspired by organizations like The New York State Youth Leadership Council (NYSYLC): an organization based in New York City that promotes innovative education programs and resources for those in need.

Running a woman-owned business already comes with its own list of unique challenges, and the need to overcome adversity. But the women who run the NYSYLC had to also face the challenges that come with being undocumented immigrants. These women are incredibly strong, and make a wonderful impact on the lives and communities they serve. So in honor of International Women's Day, we want to give a big shout-out to NYSYLC for their incredible work!


The NYSYLC is a non-profit organization that advocates for the rights of undocumented youth and their families, regardless of their immigration status. They provide undocumented children with access to education, leadership development, and community organizing.


These programs are just a few examples of the amazing work that NYSYLC does to support undocumented youth and their families:

  1. Advocacy and organizing: The NYSYLC advocates for policies and legislation that support undocumented youth and their families, and they also organize rallies, marches, and demonstrations to raise awareness of the issues facing the undocumented community.

  2. Education and outreach: Educational resources to help undocumented youth navigate the educational system, and they also offer outreach to schools and community organizations to raise awareness about the issues facing undocumented youth.

  3. Legal support: Support and referrals to undocumented youth and their families who are facing legal issues related to their immigration status.

  4. Leadership development: Leadership training and development programs that empower undocumented youth to become leaders in their communities and advocate for themselves and others.

  5. Scholarships and financial aid: Financial aid programs for undocumented youth that help students find and apply for financial aid.

  6. Mental health support: Resources for undocumented youth and their families that help them through unique emotional and psychological challenges they face as undocumented immigrants.

  7. Employment support: Resources that help undocumented youth find and apply for jobs, as well as training and development programs to help build skills and improve employability.


The NYSYLC provides an array of resources to support undocumented immigrants, including:

  1. Know Your Rights Guide: A comprehensive guide on the rights of undocumented individuals in the United States. This guide helps undocumented youth understand their rights and how to protect them in different situations.

  2. Scholarship Guide: A guide on scholarships and financial aid available for undocumented students. This guide provides information on various scholarships and financial aid opportunities, as well as tips and advice on how to apply for them.

  3. Mental Health Resources: A list of mental health resources available to undocumented youth, including hotlines and therapy services.

  4. Legal Services Directory: A directory of legal services available to undocumented youth and their families. This directory helps individuals find and connect with legal services in their area.

  5. DACA Renewal Assistance: The NYSYLC provides assistance with DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) renewals. This assistance is crucial for undocumented youth who rely on DACA to work and live in the United States.

  6. Emergency Fund: An emergency fund available to provide financial assistance to undocumented youth and their families during times of crisis.


The NYSYLC was founded in 2007 by a group of undocumented immigrant youth who were inspired by the Dream Act movement. They saw the need for an organization that could provide support, resources, and advocacy for undocumented youth and their families. The NYSYLC has continued to be run by immigrant youth and has grown to become a leading advocate for immigrant rights and education in New York State.

Despite facing significant challenges, the founders of the NYSYLC were determined to make a difference and create a better future for undocumented youth. They started by organizing rallies, marches, and demonstrations to bring attention to the issue and advocate for change. Over time, they gained the support of other youth and community organizations, and became officially established as a non-profit organization in 2007.

The founders of NYSYLC serve as an inspiration to all of us at IDEA Collective, and we are grateful for their commitment to social justice and education. They are a testament to the power of youth leadership and the impact that a group of dedicated individuals can have on their community and beyond.


At IDEA Collective, we believe that every day is International Women's Day, and we should recognize and support woman-owned businesses like NYSYLC that contribute so much to bettering our society for the next generation. We invite you to check out our list of STEAM-learning workshops and educational arts and crafts kits that provide fun learning opportunities to children of all learning styles and backgrounds.

Finally, we want to wish all the amazing women out there a Happy International Women's Day! Keep pushing for a more equal and just world!

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