It is our highest excitement to inspire young people to learn with their hands, trust their creative impulses, and enjoy the journey of making. Delivering eco-friendly STEAM kits and offering craft workshops for all ages.

IDEA (Innovation. Design. Education. Art.) Collective is a portable art studio that hosts youth craft workshops with a focus in metalworking, paper model-making, and public art.  We integrate creativity, and artistic skills and processes with environmental education to empower the next generation of creative thinkers. Based in the Finger Lakes Region of New York with spirits that live far and beyond.

We offer an alternative learning environment to traditional public school classes, which gives students employable skills, such as welding, and the opportunity to connect with community.


Beyond our craft workshops, we deliver environmental, STEAM-based MakerKid Kits to give the gift of curiosity and creativity to children and their families.



We want all children to succeed. By offering a hands-on approach to learning, we provide an alternative learning environment to traditional public schools.

Through our projects students will experience subject areas, rather than just being told about it.  They'll have the opportunity to exercise fine motor skill by integrating craft with subjects like geometry, biology, ecology, and beyond!


We want children to hold onto that sense of imagination, creativity, and belief in the impossible. 

Creativity promotes thinking outside the box and independent problem solving.  It is a prerequisite for innovation and allows people to express themselves, have fun, and give themselves a sense of purpose.


Community involvement provides a sense of belonging and social connectedness, and creates meaning and purpose to everyday life.

By hosting all-inclusive, collaborative workshops we create communities and belonging.  By sourcing materials from either local, small, or American made companies we build relationships and invest in communities.


It's our passion to inspire a community of mindful makers and treat mother earth like our home.


Materials for our projects are sourced sustainably and ethically. Cereal boxes turn into fish, old electrical conduit turns into welded tree trunks. Reuse, recycle, repurpose is our mantra.


Craft kits based on nature that invoke creativity, curiosity, and independent learning for children.


paper model-making, metal fabrication, and public art.

let's build dreams.


IDEA Collective was founded by Sam Castner and Lindsey Dean, otherwise known as Sam + Lin Designs.  Their studio resides and operates on a farm overlooking Keuka Lake, which for 9 generations has been intimately intertwined with their community in the Finger Lakes Region of New York. They lead numerous community-driven public art projects, create and collaborate on sculptures, and offer branding services to help local businesses promote their identities through metal outcomes. As a team, Sam and Lindsey are exploring new ideas to bring hands-on, art-integrated learning to youth.


IDEA Collective is supported by the Penn Yan and Dundee Central School Districts, ELEVATE Youth, and the Yates Community Center.

Footage provided by Sarah Alexander

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