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These sessions were offered by our sister company, Ironvine Studios, at The Penn Yan Academy with the Intro to Agriculture class. The focus of this 9-week intensive was to elaborate 2D drawings into 3D metal sculptures, while learning the intricacies of local ecology.  Using the Wildlife Studies in Paper class as an example, students designed and fabricated animals and plants from the Finger Lakes.  During the class, students were iintroduced to concepts of  design, material processing, layout, structural integrity, and beginner metal fabrication techniques.

Students completed the class with hand-crafted animals in steel, a new knowledge of metal fabrication, and the ability to visualize drawings into 3D.   At the end of the course their models were showcased at the annual School Budget Vote. This challenged students to work towards a goal and participate in a group gallery show.  Community members and parents attended, and celebrated the students hard work and achievement. 

Check out this article in the Chronicle Express about the Intro to Agriculture intensive and the IDEA Art Trail:

The Art of Innovation by John Christensen


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