Offered at the Penn Yan Academy, ages 13 and up were invited to our interdisciplinary 2 day metal fabrication workshop.  Students learned the basic techniques used to fabricate metal sculptures while gaining a working skill set, understanding the use of metal fabricating tools and techniques, and learning the connection between the milkweed and monarch butterfly in our community. 

    The first day students were introduced to the shop and the ins and outs of beginner metal fabrication. Everyone started and finished a 3ft tall milkweed and monarch butterfly sculpture and were educated on how they're negatively affected by the use of pesticides, herbicides, and mowing throughout our community. 


    The second day we focused on a large-scale, collaborative sculpture of the same design.  Students worked together to cut, bend, and weld a 14ft landmark piece that is now installed at the Yates Community Center as part of the IDEA Trail.  This piece serves as an educational landmark grown out of the collective students new foundation for craft.

Check out this article in the Finger Lakes Times about our Exploring Ecology Through Metal workshop:

Putting It All Together: Metal Artist Helps Youth, Adults to Create Art Trail Sculpture by Susan Park Porter


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