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In collaboration with the DCS TRAILS and STEAM programs at Dundee Central School District, IDEA was invited to help design decorative sculptures for their Hope Garden at their school campus.  The intension of the garden is to be a space where children share stories of hope and care.  For the Dundee School campus, we wanted to create a project that students could take part in and learn about the sculpture design process.


The first session was creative thinking and design day.  We gave students supplies and asked them to answer questions such as:  what do you visualize when you think of school pride, and what things could help benefit your classmates?


A 9 year old student suggested we plant fruit trees for children to eat who can't afford snacks at school.  Another idea was to dress sculptures in clothes as a community coat drive.  Other ideas included laser-cut school slogans such as: "Be respectful , Be engaged, Be responsible". 

By the second day we all decided on a design and began the second phase of the design process.  It was agreed that we'd all trace ourselves on paper and make fun, colorful, silhouettes from the patterns!  We brought a large roll of recycled house wrap paper and rolled it down the entire hallway.   We all took turns lying on the paper in funny poses and tracing each other.  Lots of dancing, laughing, and funny peace sign silhouettes!


From there, Sam + Lin Designs took the paper patterns and were able to create metal silhouettes painted in Dundee School colors. The sculptures are currently decorating the Hope Garden and various spots around campus. The beauty about metal is that it's timeless.  It has the ability to grow with a family, a community, a school.  In years down the road, I imagine the kids in our class will see their silhouettes adorning their school, and be proud of their participation to make their school a brighter place.   

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