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Having the opportunity to work with IDEA has given me the option to be successful in a career that I have become very passionate about, and would have not experienced in traditional school.

I had no idea what I wanted to do after graduating from high school. Nothing in my normal school classes motivated or excited me, and I was struggling in school with failing grades. Things changed when I took the Exploring Ecology Through Metal course with IDEA and learned how to weld. I am so proud of the final sculpture that our class made together and that it will be on display in my hometown forever. After finishing the weekend class I instantly knew that I wanted to become a welder. But, the only way I could qualify for the welding/technology program offered at the local career tech center was to raise my grades. I became driven, highly motivated, and was able to get my grades up before completing my sophomore year. I am now a Junior and enrolled in the AME (Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering) Class at Finger Lakes Technical Career Center where I’m learning welding, CAD, and machining.

Tylor Campbell
15 years old
Exploring Ecology Through Metal
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