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Collaborative Cardboard Animals


This eco-friendly workshop offers kids the opportunity to work together to create large-scale animal sculptures out of recycled cardboard and paper. Not only do they exercise their creativity, hand-eye coordination, and engineering skills, but they also learn about the importance of collaboration, teamwork, and upcycling materials to make new things.

What does this class look like, and who is it geared towards?

During the workshop, kids will work in groups of 3-4 to create one large-scale animal sculpture of their choice. They will use recycled materials such as cardboard boxes, cereal boxes, and paper rolls, as well as hot glue, kid-friendly cutting tools, projectors, and paint to bring their creations to life.


The workshops last approximately 6 hours, and can be split up over a few days. Students ages 8 and above are welcome to join, and can bring in their own paper recycling and to add to the sculptures. Once completed, students can take their sculptures home, or display them as classroom decorations.


These workshops are a great way to learn about the environment, art, and community while having fun and creating something unique.

Interested in a similar workshop?

Contact us if you're interested in collaborating on a similar workshop for your classroom or group. We also have Classroom Boxes available so you can run your own class!

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