In collaboration with the DCS TRAILS and STEAM programs at Dundee Central School district, IDEA was invited to help design and build a railing and Hope Garden at the back entrance of their school campus.  The inspiration of the garden was to create a space for children to share stories of hope and implement a design project that students could be apart of.  During our sessions with the students from the TRAILS and STEAM programs,  ages 6-11, we all designed a sculptural railing and garden comprised of the kids silhouettes build out of aluminum.


    During our workshops we asked the students questions like: what do you want in your school Hope Garden that symolizes school pride, and what kind of sculptural gestures could we design into the landscape to help a student walking by?  A 9 year old student suggested we plant fruit trees for children who can't afford snacks at school.  Another idea was to dress the silhouettes in clothes as a sculptural coat drive.  Other ideas included laser cut school slogans such as: "Be respectful , be engaged, be responsible".  This project is still in the works and is planned to be installed by Spring of 2020!


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