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Learning About Biology with 3D Puzzles


The anatomy of organisms, such as animals, plants, and insects, are quite beautiful and inspire creative expression. In these workshops, students exercise creativity, hand-eye coordination, and engineering skills as they create visual models of organisms. They will also strengthen observational skills by noting the shapes, color patterns, and proportions when building their models.

What does this class look like, and who is it geared towards?

These workshops last for1-2 hours, depending on how involved you'd like to make the lesson. Our puzzles are geared towards ages 5 and over, with the curriculum best suited for grades 1-6. All educational outreach is aligned with The Next Generation Science Standards and National Core Arts Standard.


Each student receives a wooden 3D puzzle, coloring supplies, educational booklets, simple instructions, and seeds (if applicable). During the class, the students will decorate and build their sculptures while referring to visual representations of the parts that make up the organism.

After completing their sculptures, students will complete various educational activities included in the booklets and posters. They can then take their models home, or display the, as classroom decorations.

Meet our students


I wanted the trees to look creative and different ...

"The color combinations of sunset and twilight are something you don't see often.  I was thinking I wanted  it to pop, so I added black outline.  It was fun to mix colors and paint the base, splattering it with white paint to look like snow.  It allows kids to be creative and I really liked it.  When we put a candle in the middle of it, it created cool tree shadows on the table.  I really want to try the Monarch 3D Puzzle next. " 

age 10
Evergreen Tree Workshop

Interested in a similar workshop?

Contact us if you're interested in collaborating on a similar workshop for your classroom or group. We also have Classroom Boxes available so you can run your own 3D Puzzle class!

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