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Sculpting Local Wildlife with Recyclables


Upcycling materials is a great artistic practice because it promotes a greener earth! During this STEAM-centered activity, students create 3D sculptures of animals using recycled paper, cardboard boxes, and simple crafting tools. Kiddos exercise creativity, hand-eye coordination, and engineering skills as they learn how to create paper sculptures from idea, to sketch, and final product. 

What does this class look like, and who is it geared towards?

These workshops last minimum 3 hours, depending on how involved you'd like the sculptures to grow into. Students aged 8+ recommended.


Students will bring in paper recycling, such as cardboard boxes, cereal boxes, and paper rolls and learn how to transform them into sculptures using kid-friendly cutting tools, hot glue, and paint. They can choose any animal under the sun, and refer to visual representations about the parts that make up the animals.

After completing their sculptures, students can take their models home, or display them as classroom decorations.

Interested in a similar workshop?

Contact us if you're interested in collaborating on a similar workshop for your classroom or group. We also have Classroom Boxes available so you can run your own class!

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