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Inspiring the next generation of mindful creatives.

IDEA Collective is a portable metalworking classroom that encourages interconnectivity between grades by creating collaborative art projects inspired by school pride, community, nature, and beyond. Through hosting art workshops, IDEA promotes traditional and contemporary metalworking techniques, hands-on learning, teamwork, and sustainability. Art and design encompass everything in daily life.  We believe it's our role to share that vision.


  • introduces new skill sets that celebrate problem solving through design and craft practices that are not offered in traditional classroom settings.

  • teaches employable skills in trades that are always in high demand.

  • enhances communication and teamwork by engaging peer critiques and participation of all grade levels.

  • challenges students to think creatively beyond public school boundaries by offering a platform for free thinking.

  • connects schools with their surrounding communities to demonstrate real world scenarios.

  • increases awareness of the surrounding environment and demonstrates the importance of sustainable studio practices.


IDEA Collective is a portable metalworking classroom that encourages interconnectivity between grades by hosting collaborative art projects.  IDEA promotes hands-on learning, teamwork, and sustainability.


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E: sam.ironvinestudios@gmail.com